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Stiven Christie Management exists to promote a select portfolio of professional actors and actresses across the entire spectrum of performance media.

Our clients can be found in film, television, radio, theatre, commercials, voice-over, presentation and role-play projects. The Agency is run by proprietor, Douglas Stiven.

Originally established as "The Actors Agency", in 1983 by a group of young Scotland-based actors, the business grew rapidly. During this period Douglas gradually assumed the primary responsibility for running the client portfolio and the agency changed from a co-operative to a commercial management structure.

Subsequently, the Agency was renamed Stiven Christie Management. Expansion in 1994, saw the additional opening of a Central London office to have greater access to London and Scottish markets simultaneously.

The agency trading ethos is very much that of a collaborative process between the Agent and Artist in seeking work and the advancement of their careers. With Douglas's experience as a professional actor, he believes this affords a wider and more balanced overview of the industry, together with a greater understanding of the challenges faced by professional performers.

Representation to prospective clients is not only offered on the basis of talent, but also on the overall quality and integrity of the individual, coupled with their personal perspective and approach to the profession. Consequently, Stiven Christie Management does not seek to 'build' a portfolio covering all ages, dialects and physical types, but rather selects actors using the aforementioned criteria.

Stiven Christie Managements' clients come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. Although the vast majority of our clients are drama school graduates, the Agency will occasionally offer representation to Artists who, although they may not have completed a professional training course, have nevertheless achieved some professional experience within the industry.

Our clients are all members of the British Actors Union, Equity, with whom we work closely in developing the infrastructure necessary to protect and safeguard our clients' rights.

Although we represent actors who come from various parts of the United Kingdom we are well recognised for the wide range of Scottish talent within our portfolio and as a result are often called upon by producers and casting directors when specifically seeking Scottish Actors and Actresses.

Most of our clients work across all the performance disciplines and can be seen in a variety of productions, from American and British Feature Films, International TV Co-productions to UK soaps and series as well as award-winning single dramas. In Theatre our clients cover the entire spectrum; from 'Theatre In Education' Projects, Provincial Reps and National Theatre's to No.1 National & International Tours.

Numerous TV & Radio commercial campaigns not only feature our clients on screen but many of the voice-overs you hear, using their skills to help advertisers sell their product, are also supplied by us.

Commercial organisations greatly appreciate our clients' skills and experience for in-house training and promotional videos as well as role play scenarios within commercial and local government training courses, and higher education practical examinations.

Stiven Christie Management is proud of the very high standard of clients we represent and we always endeavour to provide you with an efficient and personal service whatever the nature of your commercial project.

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