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Mackenzie, Michael

Michael MacKenzie


  • The Railway Man (Sutton) - Dir. Jonathan Teplitzky. Railway Man Ltd.
  • Night People (William Renie), Mead Kerr, Adrian Mead
  • Hidden (Whitehead), Gabriel Films, Craig Strachan
  • Peter The Great - NBC
  • Mussolini - NBC
  • Complicity - Talisman Films
  • Short Film, BLANK, Christina Ertze
  • Short Film, Alvin, LETTER TO AN UNKNOWN SON, Lawrence Timmons


  • Colonel Fanshaw, GARY, TANK COMMANDER, Comedy Unit for BBC Scotland, Noddy Davidson
  • Grayson McKenzie, RIVER CITY, BBC Scotland, Bill McLeod, Jim Shields
  • Colonel Fanshaw, GARY, TANK COMMANDER, Comedy Unit for BBC Scotland, Noddy Davidson
  • Martin Toner, DEAR GREEN PLACE - 6 EPISODES, Effingee Productions/BBC Television, Don Coutts
  • Dr. Magnus Baird, TAGGART, STV, Various
  • Cyrus The Astronomer, RAVEN - THE ISLAND, CBBC, Paul Hineman
  • Cardiac Arrest - - 3 Series - World Productions
  • Looking After Jo Jo - BBC
  • Hamish Macbeth - BBC
  • The Lost Tribe - BBC
  • The Norman Mclean Show - BBC
  • The Radicals - BBC
  • The Fourth Arm - 13 Episodes - BBC
  • Taggart - 4 Series - STV
  • Dr Finlay - STV
  • The Stalkers Apprentice & several other single plays - STV
  • Rogues Gallery - Granada
  • Playing With Fire - LWT
  • Ace Of Wands (Tarot) - 46 Episodes - Thames TV


  • Roles Include:
  • Ane Satyre Of The Thrie Estaitis (The Merchant), A&BC Theatre Co./ Historic Scotland, Gregory Thompson
  • The King, SLEEPING BEAUTY, Brunton Theatre Musselburgh, Tim Licata
  • Whisky Galore, a Musical (Joseph MacRoon), Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Ken Alexander
  • Stephen Grant, CHANGING LINES, Oran Mor, Liz Carruthers
  • Hendry, SILVER DARLINGS, Aberdeen Performing Arts at the Edinburgh Fringe, Kenny Ireland
  • Paolozzi, SHATTERED HEAD, Oran Mor, Graham Eatough
  • Lewis Grassic Gibbon, LEWIS GRASSIC GIBBON, Aberdeen Performing Arts, Vivien Heilbron
  • Hendry, THE SILVER DARLINGS, Aberdeen Performing Arts, Kenny Ireland
  • King Lear, KING LEAR, Oran Mor, Glasgow, Paddy Cunneen
  • Bernard, DEATH STORY, Oran Mor, Glasgow, Ken Alexander
  • Lewis Grassic Gibbon, LEWIS GRASSIC GIBBON, HM Theatre, Aberdeen, Vivien Heilbron
  • George Pye, HUMBLE BOY, Perth Theatre, Ian Grieve
  • Hermiston, HERMISTON, Rowan Tree Theatre Co/Edinburgh Festival & Tour, John Carnegie
  • Marc Antony, TRIUMVIRATE, Oran Mor, David MacLennan
  • Antonio, THE TEMPEST, Nottingham Playhouse Theatre, Richard Baron
  • Mr Brownlow, OLIVER, Perth Theatre, Ken Alexander
  • Robert, PROOF, Rapture Theatre Company, Michael Emans
  • Willy Curry/Workman - 2003 & 2004, THE SLAB BOYS TRILOGY, Edinburgh Traverse Theatre, Roxanna Silbert/Philip Howard
  • Littlejohn, THE BREATHING HOUSE, Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre, Kenny Ireland
  • Tulliver, THE MILL ON THE FLOSS, Nottingham Playhouse/Exeter Northcott, Richard Baron
  • Salieri, AMADEUS, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron
  • Merlin, MERLIN THE MAGNIFICENT, Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre, Kenny Ireland
  • Tchaikovsky, QUEEN OF SPADES, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Patrick Sandford
  • Frank Oddie, AMY'S VIEW, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron
  • Claudius/Hamlet's Ghost, HAMLET, Brunton Theatre, David Mark Thomson
  • Oliphant, LET WIVES TAKE TENT, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron
  • Crichton, THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Clive Perry
  • Divine Correction/Folly, ANE SATIRE OF THE THRIE ESTAITES, 2003 Estaites, John Carnegie
  • Pathologist/Various Roles, FOR WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO RECEIVE, Brunton Th/Edinburgh Fest., David Mark Thomson
  • Corey Kinshella, THE SHAUGHRAUN, Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre, Mark Lambert
  • Doctor, THE THREE SISTERS, Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre, Tony Cownie
  • Narrator, WRITER'S CRAMP, Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre, John Bett
  • Joe Gargery, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Baron
  • Blue Beard, BLUE BEARD'S CASTLE, Merlin Theatre Of Budapest, Laszlo Magacs
  • Don Pedro, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, Edinburgh Royal Lyceum, Kenny Ireland
  • James Tyrone, LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, Pitlochry Festival Th./Tour, Richard Baron
  • Henry Higgins, PYGMALION, Edinburgh Royal Lyceum/Tour, Hugh Hodgart
  • Theatres Include :
  • Worthing; The Round House; Duke Of Yorks; Greenwich; Bromley; Borderline Theatre; TAG; Citizens Theatre; Pitlochry Festival Theatre; Dundee Repertory Theatre; Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh; Traverse Theatre; Merlin Theatre Of Budapest.
  • Numerous Pantomimes and Chrismas Plays as Dame, Villain or Noble Goodie !
  • Rehearsed Reading, William of Deloraine and others, THE LAY OF THE LAST MINSTREL, Borders Book Festival, Alan Caig Wilson
  • Rehearsed Reading, King James IV and others, TOWARDS FLODDEN, Treading the Borders Theatre Co., David Naphthine

    Commercials / Corporate

  • Numerous commercial Voice Overs
  • Has presented and performed in innumerable corporate and training videos


  • Numerous Network Radio Dramas including:
  • Monsieur Mallard, Dr. Jourdan, A NEW LEASE OF LIFE, BBC, David Ian Neville
  • Inspector Vosper and others, PAUL TEMPLE AND THE GREGORY AFFAIR, BBC, Patrick Rayner
  • Sir Glbert Dryden, A CASE FOR PAUL TEMPLE, BBC , Patrick Rayner
  • Leonato, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
  • Various, SUNDAY, BBC, Patrick Raynor
  • Insp. Perry and others, PAUL TEMPLE AND STEVE, BBC, Patrick Rayner


  • Bristol Old Vic

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    Voice samples.

    Personal Details

  • Height- 6' 2"
  • Eyes- Blue
  • Hair- Grey/Dark Brown
  • D.O.B.- 3/2/43
  • Voice- Bass
  • Spotlight Entry - Click Here
  • Special Skills

  • Clarinet
  • Singing
  • Guitar
  • Golfer
  • Driving (Car, Motorcycle)
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