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McLean, Finlay

Finlay McLean


  • Senseless (French Ambassador). Dir. Simon Hynd. Plum Films.
  • Regeneration (Major Huntly). Dir. Gillies McKinnon. BBC Films
  • 3D Halloween (Lachlan) - Telcast International


  • Scotsquad (The Bowler). Dir. Noddy Davidson. The Comedy Unit
  • River City(DS Gordon CID). Dir. Jim Shields. BBC Scotland
  • Burnistoun (Grandad). Dir. Noddy Davidson. The Comedy Unit
  • Dennis Nilsen - In Love with Death (Nilsens' Grandfather). Dir. Eleanor Yule. STV
  • Taggart (Mr Donohoe). Dir. Adrian McDowell. Scottish Television
  • Rebus (William Glass). Scottish Television
  • Overnite Express (Bobby the Chef). BBC
  • Dr Finlay (The Postie). STV
  • Para Handy (The Photographer). BBC Scotland
  • Bad Boys (Tramp). BBC
  • Rab C. Nesbitt (2 Series). Comedy Unit / BBC Scotland
  • Crimewatch. BBC
  • Victorian Scots (John Muir). Wark Clements/BBC


  • Hamlet (Ghost, Player King, Gravedigger). Dir. Jennifer Dick. Bard in the Botanics
  • Home to Neverland (McConnachie). Dir. Donald Smith. Splinters Productions
  • Dough (Ivor). Dir. Liz Carruthers. Oran Mor Theatre (Glasgow)
  • Faith Healer (Teddy). Dir. Donald Smith. Splinters Productions
  • Beowulf (King Hrothgar). Dir. Andy Arnold. Arches Theatre
  • Whisky Galore - Prime Productions
  • Herr Bach And Mr Handel - Prime Productions
  • The Merchant Of Venice - Prime Productions
  • Just For A Laugh (One Man Show) - Edinburgh Fringe / Bush Theatre, London
  • Exile (Peter) - Edinburgh Fringe / Bush Theatre, London
  • Red Sails In The Sunset - Byre Theatre, St Andrews
  • Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury - Byre Theatre, St Andrews
  • Beauty And The Beast (The King) - Byre Theatre, St Andrews
  • Just Between Ourselves (Dennis) - Byre Theatre, St Andrews
  • The Entertainer (Graham Dodd) - Byre Theatre, St Andrews
  • New Play Workshops - Grey Coast Theatre Company
  • Prince Dim And The Magic Keystone - Pocket Theatre, Cumbria
  • Whisky Galore - Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh
  • Death Of A Salesman (Willy Loman) - PACE Theatre Company
  • Romeo And Juliet (Friar Lawrence) - PACE Theatre Company
  • Witch Wood (Various Parts) - Rideout Theatre Company
  • Brahan Seer Show - Theatre Workshop
  • Taboo - Theatre Workshop
  • The Shepherd Beguiled - Theatre Alba
  • The Jimmy Scrooge Story - TAG Theatre Company
  • The Crucible (Danforth) - Arches Theatre, Glasgow
  • The Merchant Of Venice (Antonio) - Arches Theatre, Glasgow
  • The Devils (D'Armagnac) - Arches Theatre, Glasgow

    Radio / Voice Work

  • Numerous radio productions for BBC radio including:
  • The Dead Hour, Bad Dad, Catch My Breath, Dover Beats the Band, Dave the Dead Lefty, The Haverstock Hill Murder, The Gowk Storm, A Meeting in Seville, Still Waters, The Hydro, The Life Class, Kilbreck, Hatter's Castle, Blending In, Kidnapped, Benny Lynch, The Shroud
  • Let's Listen; Helter Skelter; Scots History; Mary Queen Of Scots;
    Simpson & Anaesthesia ; BBC Schools
  • A Gleam Across The Waves - STV Documentary
  • Scottish Eye - Channel 4
  • Edinburgh Castle Symbol Of Scotland - Commercial Video

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    Voice samples.

    Personal Details

  • Height- 5' 11"
  • Eyes- Blue
  • Hair- Brown / Grey
  • Build- Slim
  • Spotlight Entry - Click Here
  • Special Skills

  • Spanish (fluent)
  • German (fluent)
  • Singing
  • Tap Dancing
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Car Driving
  • VoiceOver
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