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Usher, Arron

Arron Usher


  • Jim, Spicebush Swallowtails (Short), Gayle Baird, ECA
  • Andrew, Wind Over Lake (Short) Joern Utkilen, Imagine Pictures
  • Graham, Size 5 (Short), Jorn Ultkilen, Imagine Pictures


  • Don't Drop the Baton (Various roles - 2 part comedy sketch show), BBC 1 Scotland, Ian Curtis
  • Mr Alexander, Night Is Day (Series 2), Fraser Coull, Silly Wee Films
  • Wee Chicken, BBC (Childrens TV), Sarah England, BBC Scotland
  • Solider, King Jamie & The Angel, Channel 4
  • Young Brian Burnett, Gingernuts (Documentary), Ian Sizeland, Scottish Television


  • The Chicken Trial (Defence Lawyer & Kornel Kovacs), Swedish Theatre(Svenska Teatern)/Ace Production, Fredrik Lundqvist
  • Cinderella (Mash - Ugly Sister), Webster Memorial Theatre Arbroath, John Binnie
  • Conflict in Court (Callum Paterson), LRStageworks, Liam Rudden
  • Robinson Crusoe (Man Friday), The Panto Company/Bathgate Regal Theatre
  • Muddles, Sleeping Beauty, Imagine Theatre Ltd/Eden Court Theatre
  • Gary Gentles, Keeping Up With The Joans, Greenwich Theatre
  • Dennis Nilsen, Killers, Assembly Rooms/Edinburgh Fringe
  • Guffy, Princess Pumpalot:The Farting Princess, Cadies Productions& LRStageworks
  • Buttons, Cinderella, Liam Rudden, Dunfermline Alhambra Theatre Trust
  • Gary, And They Played Shang-a-lang, Liam Rudden, Craft Theatre/Edinburgh Fringe
  • Jimmy Jingles The Jester, Sleeping Beauty, Tony Cownie, FFE / Glasgow Kings
  • Callum Patterson, Silence In Court, Liam Rudden, Emeraldblue/Edinburgh Fringe
  • Muddles, Mother Goose, Liam Rudden, Brunton Theatre
  • Callum Patterson, Silence In Court, Liam Rudden, Emeraldblue/Kitcsh Theatre Cafe
  • Swishee, Sinbad The Pantomime featuring The Little Mermaid, Liam Rudden, Brunton Theatre
  • Hangman, Sequenced Events, Liam Rudden, EmeraldBlue/Kitcsh Theatre Cafe
  • Daft Jamie, Sleeping Beauty, Liam Rudden, Brunton Theatre
  • Buttons, Cinderella, Liam Rudden, Brunton Theatre
  • Seamus Corr, Euorobeat-Almost Eurovision, Glynn Nicholas, No Mates Productons/Edinburgh Fringe
  • Pinkie McWittington, Dick McWittington, Liam Rudden, Brunton Theatre
  • Brad, A Virgin's Guide To Rocky Horror, Liam Rudden, DMS/Roxy Art House
  • Wishee Washee, Aladdin, Cornelius Clarke/Sally Coppen, Team Entertainments/Brunton Theatre
  • PC Meadows, Loot, Stephen Wrentmore, Byre Theatre/Perth Rep
  • Silly Billy, Jack & The Beanstalk, David Burrows/Sally Coppen, Team Entertainments/Brunton Theatre
  • Silly Billy, Jack & The Beanstalk, David Burrows, Team Entertainments/Eden Court
  • Bob Cratchit/Cookie, A Christmas Carol, Andy Cannon/Iain Johnstone, Wee Stories/MacRobert Arts Centre
  • Doughnut, Sleeping Beauty, Mark Thomson, Brunton Theatre
  • Lenny, The Roup, Rita Henderson, The Byre Theatre Company
  • Wishee Washee, Aladdin, Mark Thomson, Brunton Theatre
  • The Snake, The Prince & The Pilot, Lesley Findlay, Borderline Theatre Company/Tour
  • Bon Bon, Beauty & The Beast, Mark Thomson, Brunton Theatre
  • Actor G, Travels With My Aunt, Fiona Walton, Brunton Theatre

    Commercials / Corporate

  • Simon, Stress In The Workplace (Corporate Training CD Rom), Mike Mckie, The Big Picture

    Radio / Voice Work

  • Training

  • BA/Acting, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
  • NC/Theatre Arts, Langside College, Glasgow

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    Personal Details

  • Height - 5' 8"
  • Eyes - Blue
  • Build - Slim
  • Hair - Strawberry Blond
  • Voice - Baritone
  • Spotlight Entry - Click Here
  • Special Skills

  • Accents include:
  • Cockney, London, RP, Scottish, Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire, General American, Southern American, French, Irish
  • Dance Skills - Contemporary/Disco/Jazz
  • Stage Combat
  • Puppetry
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