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Gallie, Kay

Kay Gallie


  • Skagerrack (House Keeper). Dir. Soren Kragh-Jacobsen
  • Mandancin' (Margaret Kerrigan). Dir. Norman Stone
  • Latin for a Dark Room. Dir. Joe Ahearne


  • River City (Agnes McCabe). BBC
  • Zip n' Zoo (Aggie). Dir. Bruce Robertson. BBC
  • Sea of Souls (Betty). BBC
  • Rice Paper Stars (Grace). Dir. Andy Goddard. BBC
  • Tinsel Town (Granny Doyle). Dirs. Stuart Davids & Caroline Patterson. BBC
  • The Match (Old Lady). Dir. Mick Davis. BBC
  • Still Game 3 eps. (Bingo Woman). Dir. Michael Hines. Effingee Prods./BBC
  • The Book Group (Group Member). Dir. Annie Griffin. Pirate Productions


  • Footfalls. Dir. Dominic Hill. Citizens Theatre.
  • The Steamie - 25th Anniversary Tour. Dir. Tony Roper
  • Six Black Candles (Granny). Dir. John Binnie. Goldfish Theatre Co.
  • The Steamie (Mrs. Culfeathers). Dir. Alison Peebles. National Tour
  • Bailegangaire (Lead). Dir. Andy Arnold. The Arches Theatre
  • Boss Grady's Boys (Mrs Swift). Dir. Andy Arnold. The Arches Theatre
  • The Last Yankee (Karen). Dir. Andy Arnold. The Arches Theatre
  • A Cream Cracker Under The Settee (Doris). Dir. Grant Smeaton. Talking Heads, Tron Theatre & Glasgay
  • Rockaby (Woman). Dir. Andy Arnold. The Arches & Edinburgh Fringe
  • Ubu the King (Multi Roles). Dir. Dominic Hill. Dundee Rep, Tron, Bush & Mexico Tour
  • Uncle Varick (Kirsty Morag). Dir. Mark Thomson. Royal Lyceum Theatre
  • Pygmalion (Mrs Higgins). Dir. Hugh Hodgart. Royal Lyceum Theatre
  • Factory Girl (Una). Dir. Guy Hollands. 7:84 Theatre Company
  • 24 Hours (Cynthia/Granny/Annie/Mother). Dir. Ian Reekie. 7:84 Theatre Company
  • Glimpse (Lucy). Dir. Matthew Lenton. Vanishing Point Theatre Co.
  • AD (Melchior/Ezra). Dir. Stuart Davids. Raindog Theatre Company
  • Love Lies Bleeding (Grace). Dir. Stuart Davids. Raindog Theatre Company
  • Torch Song Trilogy (Mrs Beckoff). Dir. Grant Smeaton. Tangerine Company
  • Men Should Weep (Granny). Dir. Tony Graham. T.A.G.
  • My Mother Said I Never Should (Doris). Dir. Anna Newell. Dundee Repertory Company
  • A Happy Medium (Mrs. Cameron). Dir. John Bett. Pavilion Theatre

    Radio/Voice Work

  • Angel Fish (Story Narrator). Dir. Gaynor McFarlane. BBC Radio Scotland
  • The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (Mother/Ellen). Dir. Michael Boyd. BBC Radio Scotland

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    Personal Details

  • Height- 5' 2"
  • Eyes- Brown
  • Hair- Greying
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  • Special Skills

  • Accents and Dialects including:
  • New York, American-Southern States, Central Scottish, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Highlands, Irish-Southern, RP, Scottish-Standard, Yorkshire
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