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Stiven Christie Management


Stiven Christie Management has been established for forty years and has represented actors of all ages throughout this entire period.

Regrettably now however, due to personal circumstances, Stiven Christie Management will now cease representing acting talent, in seeking work, from the 30th November 2022.

May I take this opportunity to let all the thousands of casting directors, producers, directors, creatives and money-men I have worked with, over these forty years, express my gratitude and thanks to all for your wonderful support, friendship and business.

It has always been an absolute pleasure to deal with you guys and the fond memories you’ve afforded me – whether it be with a casting director watching my actors in a live sit-com recording at BBC Shepherd’s Bush or BBC Glasgow, to flying them up to Scotland to view an actor’s stage performance, or to a client’s West End Stage Premiere or their West End Charity Film Premiere.

However, what I’m going to miss most, is the thrill and satisfaction of picking up young exciting talents, from Drama School, nurturing them, imbuing them with integrity and a third party perspective around the casting process and watch them steadily climb the ladder of success, culminating in seeing them ultimately picking-up their BAFTA awards! What a wonderful feeling!

The agency will continue temporarily, on an admin basis only, to deal with sales/royalties/repeats etc. prior to winding down to final closure.

I am no longer using a landline for calls, so please utilise my below, historic, mobile number which is now the principal line for all contact, thanks.

Once again, thank you all and I wish you continued success going forward.

Take care and Aw Ra Best!

Dougie Stiven.

07831 40 30 30